Redistribution Rights

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  • Redistribution Rights

    It's not always easy to understand your redistribution rights over content you don't explicitly own, even more difficult is it to understand how those rights apply to your activities on Molly Town.

    Here I have compiled a list of key points about how Molly Town enforces redistribution rights for you to remember in order to safely make decisions on whether or not to send content you don't own to someone else.

    Note that the following applies completely and in whole to forks as well; even if the fork no longer contains any of the original product's content. Forking a product is a decision that will stay with how your product is regarded for as long as it exists.
    Also note that reverse engineering content for redistribution for any purpose other than interoperability, (such as an exact recreation) is expressly prohibited, and treated no different than duplicating the content through any automated means.

    You have no redistribution rights over any premium content unless explicitly and specifically granted by the author.
    If you have purchased a license to use a premium build or plugin or setup or configuration, etc, whether on Molly Town or another platform, you have purchased only that, a license to use it. You do not inherently have the right to distribute that content to anyone else, nor are you allowed to include it within your resources. No matter how much of your owned content you are distributing it with, if even one item within that set violates this policy, you are distributing content without right.

    What do I mean by explicitly and specifically granted?
    Bukkit is licensed under the GNU GPL, however, CraftBukkit, which is a derivative work (implementation) of Bukkit, is under the the GNU LGPL. CraftBukkit's LGPL is thus incompatible, since it attempts to be a less restrictive license. Going a step further, CraftBukkit is a reverse engineered copy of Mojang's proprietary server software, a "Modded version of the game" as defined by Mojang, and thus, their less restrictive GPL is also incompatible, since it attempts to permit commercial usage which Mojang’s EULA explicitly forbids of modded versions of their game.
    Whether you are building your plugins with Bukkit or Craftbukkit, you will be using the same API, and since no court proceedings have set any legal presidents upholding the validity of any of these conflicting licenses, their interpretation is largely are out of our hands. Regardless, protecting and respecting the rights of content creators on our platform is our highest priority, thus, when you purchase a plugin, even if the author concedes to Bukkit's alleged licensing, you must get the author's explicit permission for you personally to upload it on our platform before you do so. If the resource belongs to a member of our site, you must also get that same permission before uploading it on other platforms.

    If you are a premium product owner, and you would like to grant everyone redistribution rights over your paid product, or forking rights over your product or otherwise, please create a support request:
    The above is true for any product which has an official paid distribution channel; even if they also have official free distribution channels.
    Out of respect for original content creators, we will not allow the creation of new distribution channels on MC-Market which will draw away from the attention their paid distribution channel receives.

    At the bottom of this Wiki, I have composed a list of products which have paid and free distribution channels and which are therefore not allowed to be distributed without the author's specific and explicit permission.
    If you have a product with an official paid and free distribution channel and would like it added to this blacklist, or if you would like your product removed from this blacklist, please create a support request to discuss:
    An author has the right to revoke your redistribution rights at any time, even if their content has always been and still is free.
    By default, you have the right to distribute content which is officially free, however, that is only a default. The author is the one who grants you rights, and they are always able to revoke them.
    If the content author does not wish for you specifically to have the right to distribute their content, you may not distribute that content. If the content author wishes for nobody to have the right to create more distribution channels, the same will also be true.
    It can be difficult to keep up with the overriding decisions of content authors, so I have compiled a list of free and public products at the bottom of this wiki which the author has requested not be allowed to be provided in any new distribution channels other than their own.

    If you have a free and public product and you would like it added to this list, please create a support request to discuss:
    If you do have redistribution rights, you may never claim, imply or suggest that it is your content.
    Though it is not required, the best possible decision you could make would be to to credit every single author of every single product you use in the creation of your content.
    A less admirable, but equally acceptable alternative is to simply describe the content that is original to and owned by you, and only if you decide to specifically describe the features of someone else's product, also disclaim that those features are a result of that other product.

    Selling or distributing content as your own content without the owner's permission is regarded the same for free content as it is for paid content.
    Otherwise specified:
    As stated, authors retain the right to revoke/grant rights which are not revoked or granted by the defaults described above. Below is a list of such products. Again, if you'd like for the redistribution rights over your product to be regarded differently from the above, please create a support request:
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