How To Get a Good Reputation

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  • Definition of Reputation
    People normally have some beliefs about someone. For example, some people believe in Santa Claus.However, what our members think of you is important because that will set the tone for what other users on the forums think of you. They may think all is well if they see your online reputation is good; or they might realize their fears are warranted based on how much people don’t like you. Many people on forums like to talk about how others should be regarded in order to be ranked higher. This will give you pointers on how to become well-respected and stop having to offer vouch copies for every service that you offer.

    Acting Professional
    On Mollyverse, professional actions and ways you work and talk, or staying professional in general is one thing that we see several users seem to lack, getting them lower clients and possibly de-vouches. The best way to react to a criticism is with serenity and moderation. Most of the time, you can report a post if you find that the person is trashing your services through your thread. However, multiple times it is something as small and identical as a member mistaking you for a previously well-known scammer. Throughout all of this, it is best to provide evidence and proof in a private message that you are a legit user, giving them a notice you are actually offering your services. The way you talk is very important, you must have learned grammar in every year in grade school. Spelling, and how you use commas and punctuation is very important. Us members are very judge mental, most of the time and will find any error they can find. Hard to think of, but important to know. Professional acts are known at its own. You will get used to acting like this on the forum, but of course it’s for the fun of it as well.

    Kindness and Generosity
    Kindness and generosity are very important traits to have, especially on a forum you are planning to offer services to. This relates back to staying reputable. Whether you are buying something, or offering your service always be as kind as possible. It will drive the user to then vouch for you, and respect you in a great way, then others will notice your generosity and kindness towards users and mutual respect will grow beyond that.

    Vouches are very important in many cases. It shows experience users have had with you, whether it was good or bad. There are many ways to receive vouches. Previously stated above, generosity and kindness is a large way to this. Mostly, you happen to find friends vouching for you on your profile and your threads offering services. You can link your services to people you have dealt with, and they will vouch for you if they feel it was a good experience. Vouches can be from anything, whether is was from helping a user, offering services, selling something, or buying, or even giving them a test of vouch copy. They can go a long way, just like a profile picture.

    Several people can understand that buying an upgrade, (Premium or Supreme) increases the amount of respect and people dealing with you, and it’s very true. It tells that you show consideration to the site, and you don’t mean scamming business. However, many Premiums scam which you must be aware of. Many new members are going to trust upgraded members simply because it makes them seem like they earned a token, and/or rank. Looks highly professional. For other members that do know it’s a purchasable upgrade, they view it as “he spent money on the site, why would he scam?”

    Vouch Copy
    A Vouch Copy is a free version or copy of what you are offering, whether it is a build, graphics, a website design, or anything really. It gives you a sample of their services in exchange for a vouch or a good rating on your thread or profile. Great way to get your service more well-known, thus increasing your reputation throughout other commissions.

    Reactions and messages are in no way form of reputation, however many people find it good to have many of them. It is leading factors of reputation, however we are not endorsing post or rate farming as it is against the rules but I am saying that staying active on the forums does help your reputation on the forum.

    Contributing is not for everyone. Lots of you don't want to do it because you feel it takes effort. However, it will definitely help your reputation. Contributing includes but is not limited to:
    • Helping with system errors.
    • Offering free services.
    • Making a high quality posts that contribute to the thread you reply on.
    • Receive free vouch or test copies.
    • Never go first again.
    • Become well-known.
    • Get beloved by the community.
    • Get more clients for your services.
    This does not guarantee you will become the most trusted member on the site but it will definitely help.
    Also, This will not just happen overnight! Gaining reputation will take up some time.
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