Forbidden Products and Services

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  • Forbidden Products and Services

    Mollyverse prohibits its users from attempting to buy or sell anything that they do not have the right to be buying or selling. Simple enough. However, with so many different products and services out there, each with their own unique EULA and TOS, it can become difficult for our community members to keep track of which products they have the right to redistribute, and which products they do not.

    This wiki was created in order to provide to our community, a list of items which our members commonly mistake as being something they have the right to redistribute, when they do not. It’s important to note that this list is not all inclusive. Just because an item does not appear here, does not mean that it is not allowed. Always read the EULA and TOS of the products and services you are thinking of utilizing in a transaction, before proceeding. If you’re still uncertain whether what you’re looking to offer will be allowed on our platform, open a ticket and you’ll receive support from our team in evaluating the specific product or service in question.

    For more information on your Redistribution Rights themselves, and how your rights interact with the rights of others, please read our dedicated wiki on the subject here:

    Forbidden Products and Services
    • Appraisals for forbidden items
    • Minecraft accounts
    • Minecraft name snipers
    • Minecraft account codes
    • Minecraft cape codes
    • Hypixel Skyblock coins
    • Minecraft in-game items
    • Hack/Ghost clients or client access
    • V-Bucks
    • Streaming services for unowned audio/video
    • Account upgrade/sharing services (spotify/netflix/grammarly/etc)
    • VPN Accounts
    • Windows activation keys
    • PayPal accounts
    • Instagram accounts
    • Twitter accounts
    • Facebook accounts
    • Snapchat accounts
    • TikTok accounts
    • accounts (unless permission directly received from Twitch)
    • Methods/eBooks (unless provided for free and into the public domain)
    • Misused company promotions
    • Food or food delivery services
    • Steam accounts
    • Gmail accounts
    • Prepaid cards
    • Fan signs
    • Content containing someone’s image
    • Content capitalizing on the life/death of another person
    • Emotional support/help groups
    • Raffles/Lotteries or any other form of gambling
    • Fundraising for anything other than legally registered charities
    • Investments or loans
    • Content used for the purposes of spamming or performing an action en masse
    • Stress testing services
    • Discord boosts
    • Discord Nitro (Unless provided for free, in the giveaways section)
    • Discord tokens
    If you see an item or service missing from the list provided below, and you believe the community would benefit from it being added for clarity, please create a support ticket and we will absolutely take a look.
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