Please Read: Examples of How to Properly Introduce Yourself

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Dec 6, 2021
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Hello and Welcome to Mollyverse Forum!

We're delighted to have you as part of our community. Before you can fully interact with the forum, we ask that you introduce yourself so we can get to know you better and approve your account for further interactions. This helps us maintain a friendly and cohesive community environment.

How to Introduce Yourself:​

  1. Create a New Thread: Navigate to the "Introductions" sub-forum and click on "New Thread" to start your introduction post.
  2. Title: Make the title descriptive and inviting. For example, "Redstone Engineer Looking to Connect" or "Casual Gamer Ready for Adventure!"
  3. Content: In the post, please include the following details:
    • Username: Your in-game Minecraft username.
    • Age: Optionally, you can share your age.
    • Location: Where are you from?
    • Minecraft Experience: How long have you been playing Minecraft and what do you enjoy doing in-game?
    • Other Interests: Any hobbies or interests outside of Minecraft.
    • Goals on the Server: What do you plan to do on the server? (e.g., building, exploring, redstone projects)
  4. Be Polite and Respectful: We aim to maintain a friendly community. Please be respectful to other members.
  5. Post Your Thread: Once you've filled out your introduction, click on "Post Thread" to submit your post.
  6. Account Approval: After posting, please be patient as the admin team reviews your introduction and approves your account. This can take up to 24-48 hours.

Here's a sample template you can use:

Title: [Your Inviting Title Here]

Hello everyone,

My name is [Your Name or In-Game Username], and I'm from [Your Location]. I've been playing Minecraft for [Length of Time], and I particularly enjoy [What You Like Doing in Minecraft].

Outside of Minecraft, I'm into [Your Other Interests].

I joined this server to [Your Goals on the Server].

Looking forward to being a part of this community!

Best regards,
[Your Username]

Note: If you have any questions or face any issues, please reach out to the admin team via private message or use the "Help & Support" sub-forum.

Thank you for joining our community, and we look forward to reading your introductions!

Best regards,
Viet York
Mollyverse Team

Feel free to adjust the post according to the specific guidelines and tone you want to set for your community.

Crafting a proper introduction post can help players get to know each other and contribute to a more cohesive and friendly Minecraft server community. Here are some example introduction posts that players can use as templates or inspiration when introducing themselves on a server forum:


Example 1: The Casual Gamer​

**Title**: Hello, Minecrafters! Casual Gamer here!

Hey everyone,

My name is Viet, but you can call me 'vietyork' in-game. I'm 25 and I live on the East Coast of the US. I've been playing Minecraft for about 5 years now, and I'm a casual player who enjoys building and redstone projects.

Outside of Minecraft, I'm a graphic designer and a dog lover. Can't wait to start adventuring with all of you! My main goal on the server is to build a cozy mountain retreat and maybe some community farms. Open to collaborations and always down to help in community builds!

Viet York


Example 2: The Skilled Builder​

**Title**: Master Builder Reporting for Duty!

Hello there, fellow Minecraft enthusiasts!

I'm Molly Babeh, aka 'mollybabeh'. I specialize in creating intricate structures and have a knack for architectural designs. I've played Minecraft for about 8 years and have been part of a few servers in the past. I love sharing building tips and tricks, and I'm always up for a build-off!

When I'm not in the Minecraft world, I'm probably reading fantasy novels or working on my own illustrations. Looking forward to contributing to this server's grandeur!

Best regards,
Molly Babeh


Example 3: The Redstone Engineer​

**Title**: Redstone Engineer Looking to Connect!

Hi all,

My name is Tim, but I go by 'RedstoneGenius' in the Minecraft world. I'm 30 years old, hailing from Germany. I have an actual engineering background, and I love incorporating that into my Minecraft redstone builds. From automated farms to intricate door mechanisms, if it's redstone-related, I'm your guy!

Outside of Minecraft, I'm into robotics and hiking. I hope to collaborate on some big redstone projects on this server and teach anyone interested in the art of redstone engineering.

Excited to meet you all!


Example 4: The Explorer​

**Title**: Adventurer Ready to Explore New Worlds!

Hello fellow adventurers,

I'm Emily, or 'Wanderlust_Em' in-game. I'm a 22-year-old player from Australia, and I've been into Minecraft since I was a teenager. What I love most is exploring new biomes, finding rare resources, and mapping out the server lands.

When I'm not busy exploring in Minecraft, I love traveling in the real world, photography, and playing other open-world games. Can't wait to start mapping out our shared world and going on adventures with you!

Happy crafting,


Feel free to adapt these example posts to fit your own style and interests!
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