🚜 Mollyverse Auto Farm Guidelines: Build Smart, Farm Smart 🌾

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Dec 6, 2021
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Hey Mollyversians! 🌍

Automatic farms are super cool and efficient, but sometimes they can get out of hand and cause lag for everyone. That's why we’ve drafted some rules to ensure that while you're being a pro farmer, you're also keeping the server lag-free. Here's what you need to know!

📌 Auto Farm Guidelines 📌

📆 Note: These rules were updated on May 3, 2020. If your farm was built before this, the rules will only partly apply to you.

🔲 Autofarm Dimensions Regulation 🔲

  1. Chunk-Confined: All redstone-based auto farms must stay within a single chunk (16x16 area). Unsure about what a chunk is? Check out this Help Page or this Video. You can toggle chunk views by pressing F3+G in-game.
  2. Height Cap: Your farm can’t exceed 100 blocks in height. So, it should mainly fit within a 16x16x100 area. Small bulges for storage and hoppers are okay.
  3. Neighbor Limit: In one general area, you can have up to 2 of these single-chunk farms. These general areas must be spaced ~500 blocks apart so that their chunks can’t be loaded simultaneously.

🌍 Autofarm Location Regulation 🌍

  1. Lag-Free Spawn: To keep the spawn area smooth for everyone, auto farms must not be built within a 500-block radius of the spawn zone. Standard spawn plot rules apply.

🔍 Why These Rules?

  • Server Health: Over-sized or densely packed farms can lead to server lag, which affects everyone's gameplay.
  • Player Experience: We also want to ensure that individual players don’t experience FPS drops due to complicated redstone mechanisms nearby.

That's it, farmers! Follow these rules to ensure your farms are both efficient and server-friendly. Got questions or need clarification? Feel free to drop a message here or contact a staff member.

Thanks for being awesome. Keep farming and have fun! 🌾

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