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Dec 6, 2021
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Hey stranger!

I’m Viet York and I’m a Vietnamese living in New York City. I love building building communities, marketing, reading, philosophy and building interesting products. I advocate for internet users who are early into the concept of metaverse. That includes the concept and underlying tech surrounding Web3, blockchain technology, etc...

I build Molly.com as a platform to help people have a playground to discuss the ideas of Web 3.0 and surrounding products. The problem with current communities surrounding Web 3.0 and the metaverse is that there are not a lot of long formed community content. Everything was swamped with short form content such as Discord chat. I love writing, therefore I figured that this might be a good way to provide a voice for likeminded peope who are as curious as I am.

Most, or at least the best, content I personally curate or create gets shared on vi.et. Start there if you want to read more personal things around me, my twitter is @vietyork, it doesn't have alot of followers yet but that's where I can post about random things. Best of all, I (try) keep it real.

Who the hell am I?
Way back in 1995, when I was a toddler, my father bought me a Windows '95 computer, and that was when I first experienced with DOS and gaming. I fell in love with computing ever since. He recently passed away, I created a website for him @ ng.org

In 2009 I came to the U.S to study high school, fell in love and told myself that I would never left. During the second year of university, I’ve created one of the largest Minecraft server network at the time, which includes Waffle Minecraft and Sexycraft. I sold the portfolio in 2014 and then dropped out of college. As for the reasons why, it's for another story. I just felt that technology and the internet would be the tool help me destine for something more.

I have the best job, learning, reading and researching beautiful technology and products, and get to be a builder of those at the same time.

I also build Molly Town to provide a platform for builders and artists/developers/etc... to get content, capital and a worldwide network to help scale your metaverse vision.

What's in the name?
This is a long story and I will write more about it tomorrow.

Fist of all, thank you @Molly (Molly Holzchlag) for choosing me for partnerships regarding molly.com. Let me write more on the story tomorrow. I do feel that this is something bright for the internet community. Web 3.0 still needs beautiful domain name!

Mollyverse - Molly World - Molly Town
  • Mollyverse is going to be the whole eco system
  • Molly World, or Mollyworld, is our Minecraft server
    • Molly Town, or Mollytown, is the towns built inside the Mollyworld Minecraft server by you, the players
  • Molly Holzschlag is the one and only Miss Molly Holz, the fairy Godmother of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0
  • Molly Babeh is for our video and content editor, Molly Babeh
In the mean time, listen to this beautiful song Molly Town!

Why I choose building Mollyverse via community forums first?

I have been an avid forum user since 8 years old, way back before the start of Web 2.0 and have found that it has been helping me learn efficiently as long as the forums have long formed, well thought out content and a good moderation level.

From which of the three do you think that discussion of the Metaverse and Web 3.0 is better facilitated?

"Better" is a subjective term here and has many different applications in this context. I'm very interested in hearing other people's opinions.

Here is my opinion and why I'm doing this. From my own experience:
  • Forums are a great place with sorted info and more in depth conversations though susceptible to those who submit many paragraph long responses. I would rank this first, it’s the best place to discuss topics in a sorted and coherent manner.
  • Discord is an interesting platform with the most consistent discussions. Discussions are not sorted, but they can range across multiple lines of text. Discord should be your primary search engine if you're looking for relevant discussion topics. It should be your second choice because you can't contribute to long-dead threads.
  • I actually think Reddit is underrated. Although you can find many interesting thoughts on Reddit, many demographics don't find the platform friendly enough. While it might not be as active as the other social media forums, it has a quality that few others can match.

I wish there were more people on forums. I find that the developers often suggest Discord as the best place for discussion, which is understandable since it's easy to moderate and allows for a longer chat. One downside of Discord, though, is how quickly topics can get buried so it might not be ideal if you wanted an ongoing conversation.
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Dec 14, 2021
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Great idea Viet.

The metaverse needs a proper agora away from the noise (social media) in order to address the many challenges ahead.

Curious to read the story behind Molly.com & the Fairy Godmother of the Web (dixit Wikipedia).
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