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Mar 20, 2016
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Hi my name is Yuri. My nickname on m.ly is TheFluffyBacca. My real minecraft nickname is MrMeromePlayz123. I have been a moderator of many different servers but most of the servers have shut down. When I was a moderator on my friends server someone who was opped went on while I was on and did /nuke and blew up the entire spawn. I decided to deop him and rebuild spawn before the owner got on and saw what happened. I enjoy helping people in need and I feel like I have to keep everyone happy. I can make everyone happy if they are upset. I am a youtuber and I know a lot of people who would like to join m.ly. I also have an account for MinecraftServerLists the website for servers. I could post the ip on there and get people who like survival servers to join. Many people can say they would trust me with their life. I want to keep m.ly a safe and happy server that everyone who goes on would want to stay on and not feel like they are unwanted. I have helped others that were depressed get over their depression both on and off minecraft and think that this is a good world to be alive in. Two of the people I helped are frequent players on m.ly who wanted to leave because they thought they did not belong there. I however changed their minds and now they are glad that I did. I want to help make it so people will want to stay on m.ly and not leave the server when they are thinking about to.
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