The Metaverse infrastructure and DDoS attacks

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Dec 6, 2021
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The future of the Metaverse infrastructure, and why Lectron is going to win (a thread)

People talk alot about interoperability in crypto, NFTs and metaverse, but let's talk about the underlying infrastructure that actually runs the metaverse.

That means servers!

For most people who don't play online games, Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPG) is a segment of gaming, which has been going on for 20 some years...

that segment is HUGE and will be the foundation of the future metaverse.

The future of the metaverse will be millions of users online, building the virtual world together AND interacting with others inside one single virtual world IN THE SAME PLACE, AT THE SAME TIME..


Such experience is 1000x more difficult to keep online than a normal web experience due to constant server read/write/calculate/cache AND cyberattacks mitigation. All of those tasks stress the servers beyond limit.

We are here to make sure that your servers can always perform at their best by helping sysadmins and game builders offset the cybersecurity part of your metaverse remotely to the cloud.

Below is a list of a few metaverse related applications that Lectron is currently friendly integrating with, out of thousands of application types that we can support:
- Unity Games
- Unreal Engine Games
- FiveM GTA Online
- World of Warcraft Servers
- Minecraft Servers
- Spatial Audio
- Remote Desktops
- STUN Server
- DNS Server
- RakNet
- API Endpoint

Basically, any TCP/UDP service is supported, and metaverse specific protocols are deeply integrated.

When a hacker or a script kiddies, or a team of them try to take down your servers, or to steal data, they would do port scanning to find if the servers backend are pubicly opened to the internet.
If so, they would use tools to find the passwords or find other ways to crack in.

Additionally, script kiddies can attack the servers daily for the lulz or to blackmail, and those attacks can come in the form of:
- Volumetric Attacks
- Network Attacks
- Application Layer Attacks

^ those are HUGE problems that would cause HUGE damages:
While your servers should only serve game tasks, what they now have to deal with is network tasks which are SO resource intensive:
-> CPU/Network/RAM bottlenecks
-> Player disconnections
-> Frustrated players

That's where Lectron comes in to help: Lectron sits in front of the metaverse to offload and handle the network shield tasks, making the metaverse game servers totally protected.


The results
-> stable CPU to handle gameplay
-> free up the RAM to host more players
-> free up the bandwidth to transfer CLEAN traffic only
-> happy players

We are EXPERTS in this field, we have been doing this for SOOO long with great results, both as game builders and as security experts during our gaming journeys.

So join here ->
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