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If you are reading this thread it means that you have emailed support with a question that has a standard resolution or response. Please read below to find the answer to your query.

<Not in English>
Your support ticket was not in English. Please create a new ticket with an English request.

<Anything to do with website content>
Please open a report using the report button.


I want my name changed.
Only donors may change their name. Once your donation has been manually processed (usually 24-48 hours) you can access the name changes.

I want my date of birth changed.
If you let us know your new date of birth, it has been changed. If not, you have to let us know what you would like your new date of birth to be.

My account was hacked.
We have restored your email address to the value used to sign up for the account and locked your password. Please request a new password via the forgot password feature. We are unable to restore your account to any other email address.

I lost my 2 Factor Authentication device.
It is mandatory to save your backup codes on paper? If you sent your support request from the email associated with your account, then 2FA has been deactivated and you have been banned for a week. If you do not have access to the email associated with your account, then we cannot help you.

I cannot start a private message or conversation
Due to spam we have been forced to limit private messaging for new accounts. Please use the public forum threads or discussion tab to contact authors. This way all users can benefit from assistance provided to you as well.
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