My idea for Mollyverse in 2017

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Dec 6, 2021
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This is the excerpt for my idea for a gaming "community of communities" in 2017, when I applied to YCombinator (the idea was called Emily Labs back then):

"Innovative gaming community. We help passionate individuals like you grow your Gaming, eSports & VR communities & products.

We are aware that, historically, gaming communities are operated as hobbies but that the Internet has allowed them to be something more recently, via things like Twitch/etc, and we're going to help provide the software and services that enable increasing professionalization on behalf of those who want to run entertainment businesses as a full-time endeavor.

Smaller developers and enthusiasts are the ones who make a game great. For example, Minecraft as a game is non interesting, but Minecraft as a game with multiple community servers, forums, wikis, developer resources, API is especially interesting. That's why Minecraft became so successful in a short time. The community extension of any game is important. And it's largely built by individuals, developers, and enthusiasts.

Similarly, Twitch streamers, YouTube let’s players, private Minecraft, World of Warcraft and CS:GO servers, etc... make money via exclusive contents, virtual currency, micro transactions, merchandises, and many other methods.

Gaming publishers themselves are in favor of encouraging economic exploitation of the area around their games, as this helps drive adoption and makes their own IP more valuable. They just love to watch and promote content creators doing things that they love.

We let smaller developers empower their communities w/o having to match Blizzard's spend on bespoke community software. It lets game communities like Minecraft self-organize and monetize. We are paving the cowpaths of emergent economic behavior.

In this way, we are going to influence the eSports and gaming industry without making any game, but by providing complete support to enthusiasts who like to create products and communities for the game they loves, and build it as a business in addition to being just a hobby.

In phase 1, we let users do the followings:
- Write: High school and college students can contribute gaming and eSports writings. They can make up to $20 per approved post. It's easy to learn how to write because we provide detailed guidelines on how to do research, curate, and publish contents.
- Play: Users can browse through our collection of game servers, gaming communities, gaming tools, gaming wikis, and partners sites to gain relevant information on what they need to be a successful casual or professional player.
- Make: Enthusiasts who create communities for others are great, but usually lack resources for hosting, team recruitment, legal, back office support. We provide that in return for ownership of the community, keep the person as administrator of the community, and revenue share with the enthusiast.
- Relax: Casual gamers can talk, chat and relax with other gamers on our voice chatroom and various other community platforms."

That was the idea for a somewhat write2earn model that I wanted to achieve. Of course alot more can be done today with Mollyverse to make that happen.


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