📜 Mollyverse Server Rules: Ensuring a Fun & Fair Experience for All 🎮

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Dec 6, 2021
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Hello, awesome Mollyverse members! 🌈

Welcome to the community! We're stoked to have you here. To keep Mollyverse a vibrant and welcoming space for everyone, we've put together some essential rules. Kindly read through them and keep them in mind while you explore, build, and interact in our one-of-a-kind Minecraft survival economy role-playing server.

🎮 Mollyverse Server Rules 🎮

1. 🚫 No Spamming:
Keep the chat clean! Spamming is a no-go and will result in a mute. Continued offenses may lead to a ban.

2. 🖥️ Server Integrity:
Protect our server's health. No lagging the server by spamming, griefing, or using glitches.

3. ⚡ Re-logging:
Rapidly logging in and out to disrupt gameplay is a violation. Keep it fair and fun for everyone.

4. 🔥 Heated Debates:
Got an issue with someone? Take it to private messages and keep our chat a friendly space.

5. 💥 No Griefing:
Respect others' spaces. Griefing a claimed area is a serious offense and could result in a ban.

6. 🕵️ Fair Play:
Cheating, including X-Ray, isn't allowed. You’ll lose any items gained unethically.

7. 🛒 No Exploits:
Scamming in the shop or exploiting bugs? Not cool. Let's keep trading fair.

8. ⚔️ PvP Conduct:
No disguises, fireworks, or Elytras in PvP zones. We're all here to enjoy a fair fight.

9. 🏡 Claim Respect:
Don't claim land too close to others unless you have their permission. Keep a minimum 30-block distance.

10. 🛑 Respect Personal Space:
Don't block or obstruct other players' views or building areas.

11. 🚨 Hate Speech and Offensive Builds:
Not allowed, period.

12. 🛡️ PvP Integrity:
No cheats, glitches, or exploits in PvP areas.

13. 🌍 Warp Etiquette:
Don't spam or monopolize warps. Be considerate to other players.

14. 💬 Chat Behavior:
Swearing isn’t automatically banned, but using language to harass or insult others is.

15. 🚨 No Harassment:
Don’t threaten or personally attack other players.

16. 👾 No Hacks:
Mods like Optifine are okay, but hacks that disrupt the game aren't.

17. 🤐 Privacy Matters:
Respect everyone’s privacy. No sharing of private conversations.

18. 👮 Staff Respect:
Be respectful to our hardworking staff members at all times.

19. 😇 Be Kind:
Even jokingly rude comments can hurt. Be respectful to all players.

20. 🕵️‍♂️ Doxxing is Prohibited:
Sharing someone’s private information will result in a permanent ban.

21. 🎁 Gifting Policy:
Before making a purchase for someone else, get their permission first.

22. 👥 Contribution:
Make a positive contribution. Players who only annoy others will be removed.

Please note that these rules can be updated, and new rules can be added as needed. The bottom line is: let's treat each other with respect and make Mollyverse a fantastic place to be!

If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the rules, feel free to reach out to any of the staff members.

Happy gaming, and see you in Mollyverse!

Best regards,
Viet York
Mollyverse Team
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