How Lectron protects the metaverse from DDoS attacks

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Dec 6, 2021
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Short description:​

Protecting and accelerating the massively real time multiplayer metaverse


Long Description:

Lectron protects the real time multiplayer metaverse from DDoS attacks. Current enterprise solutions take weeks to set up real time applications against DDoS, and they are not effective because enterprise anti DDoS solutions only focus on websites, not the metaverse – we help people set up metaverse protection in minutes, with significantly less learning curve. Specifically, we help keep best uptime, and speed up their network so that it can handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent online players with fast response rate, snappy interactions, no jitter in movement, flying, driving, fighting, building, with massive audio/video chat, all without interruptions inside one single virtual world.

Once again, Lectron is much better than other enterprise solutions because it's focused on real time applications such as metaverse, multiplayer game, spatial audio that have tens of thousands of players online at the same time in the same place. Current enterprise solutions don't work, and current solutions let a lot of malicious traffic pass through their firewall intentionally to damage the customers' applications. Lectron's anti DDoS is focused, targeted and precise to work for those real time applications.
The price is the most affordable in the market, most customers moved to us for the affordable and pay-as-you-go pricing, with $3 entry price and $0.01 / GB usage
The dashboard is simpler than most enterprise solutions these days. Lectron dashboard is simple with a low learning curve.

We also recently launched the multilevel affiliate feature where internet marketers can earn a small amount of money for sharing{username} link. You earn at least 20% for a referral and more when your direct referees refer more people to Lectron.
Lectron is like the combination of price + simplicity + convenience, all in one place, set and forget.

Additionally, because of our beliefs in the metaverse, Lectron also has a portfolio of experimental products focusing on the long term vision of the metaverse. We are what the metaverse market needs now, one year from now and 10 years from now. like Reddit metaverse communities


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