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    Minecraftly Season 2 Actually Begins

    Come here! Come there! Come everywhere! I've finally did it! I have released the Legit 1st episode of Minecraftly Season 2. In the first episode, I have decided to do with Sudy in creative. Sudy and I have known to be a fantastic people and we know each other too well. Here is the link to the...
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    Minecraftly Season 2 is Rolling!

    Thanks dude!
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    Minecraftly Season 2 YT Users

    Hi Guys, As I made the previous page about Minecraftly Season 2, I have came here to know that if there is any Minecraft YT users that record or had recorded this server, If you know any or if you are one please reply on the bottom so I could have a chat with you. If You don't record but want...
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    Minecraftly Season 2

    Hi Guys, As You may know that I am a YouTuber and with the great success of my first season in Minecraftly, I have planned to make 2nd season. This is a great way to introduce new members to the great community this brings. I have planned to call the Second series, Minecraftly: The Survival...
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    Hello Guys

    Hello Guys, I am Darshaa and I am an old member to this community. I have a friend who told me about this server named OrangeFoot. I am his best friend when I go to school, I used to go with him. I am 18, doing IT as my primary job and work in MacDonald's for the money to pay for my University...
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