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    🛠️ Server Changelog: The Scroll of Updates 📜

    🌐 Updates/Changelog (0.1) 🌐 📅 Date of Update: 09/11/2023 🪦 1. Death Crate Feature: Whenever a player dies, their items will now be securely housed in a grave. To reclaim your gear: Type /grave post-demise. You'll be presented with options to teleport directly to your grave site...
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    🛠️ Server Changelog: The Scroll of Updates 📜

    Hello, dear community members! We're excited to bring to you the latest updates to our server. Your feedback has always been our guiding light, and we hope you enjoy these new features and improvements. 🔹 NEW ADDITIONS: Voting Sites: We've added 2 new voting sites! Once players vote on both...
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    Hello , I am Noble

    I am Noble. I've been working for Lectron for the past 2 years. Here, I need to make our Minecraft server more unique and stable
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