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  1. Windows_Dog

    Forums Games!!!!

    Wish Granted, but this bed was soo comfy you had to sleep on that forever until a prince comes to kiss you O.o I wish for an Drake album in front of my house.
  2. Windows_Dog

    Forums Games!!!!

    Hello Guys and Gals! In this game, you must grant the wish above you, along with a severe catch that hilariously ruins the other person's wish. For example... Poster 1: I wish I never had homework. Poster 2: Granted, but now you have school 24/7/365 Final note: you gotta include a wish YOU...
  3. Windows_Dog

    Server's Return

    Hello Guys, I am here to introduce our new Minecraft 1.9 server! This is a survival server and we have now made a new server to communicate with your friends. We can understand about the loss of a great survival server, to make it up to you, we have made this server, to keep on playing! What you...
  4. Windows_Dog

    Such cloud, so scale, very own server, yus pls, wow :3

    Everyone gets a free server! Try this ip adress {your IGN} If that doesn't work, I will check with the owner to fix this problem. Keep Gaming!
  5. Windows_Dog

    Cancel Subscritions

    Unfortunately as Moderators, we do not have access to cancelling subscription, though you can send a support ticket here; and the owner can look at this. We appreciate for the wait as we have only a little moderators looking at the General Support. Best, Windows_Dog
  6. Windows_Dog

    Compromise for Cloud/Server

    Hm, This is going to be an interesting poll, I would like @minecraftly idea on this.
  7. Windows_Dog

    Bring back CLUB 21?

    oh, Ok
  8. Windows_Dog

    Bring back CLUB 21?

    We have a club 22?
  9. Windows_Dog

    Old Server?

    The Server is safe! @minecraftly please lock this thread
  10. Windows_Dog

    Old Server?

    And where is the source of this information? I do know that Microsoft does not take down servers, that actually gets profit, but take down servers that cost for free.
  11. Windows_Dog

    Old Server?

    @GlueyPasta The Poll will make a good feedback on how many people wants the old server, It shows that everyone wants the server, but who knows what minecraftly would want.
  12. Windows_Dog

    Old Server?

    Wait What happened?
  13. Windows_Dog

    Old Server?

    Hello all! You all are aware of the unfortunate news of the old server being shut down on 30th of March, but if you want the old server (which is majority) I have made up a poll. On our behalf we want to know what our players do, or what their suggestions are. We want to give you the best...
  14. Windows_Dog

    Announcement about the old server

    Hello All! On behalf of the team, The VIP ranks will be transferred into the cloud server, with that the rank will give you extra perks. If you are wondering what perks will be there, click on this link to see what is the difference on what commands you get in the cloud server
  15. Windows_Dog

    New updates BIG BIG updates

    This suggestion can be looked at, but currently we are working on the cloud server, but we will keep this in mind.
  16. Windows_Dog

    Such cloud, so scale, very own server, yus pls, wow :3

    I noticed can you get on the old server Ip,
  17. Windows_Dog

    Bring the VIP shout and Nick back

    Hm.... I might wanna agree with you, but then you we are more focussing on the cloud server than the regular one, So the commands will be mostly be in Cloud server. But we will take in considerate to this thread in the future.
  18. Windows_Dog

    Such cloud, so scale, very own server, yus pls, wow :3

    NiclasPalm, have you tried "" Plus you should've had access to breaking blocks. If not contact mly to take out the glass.
  19. Windows_Dog

    Spawn Event - More Info

    Hello gals and girls, Previously I have made a thread on the Spawn Pvp Event! This thread will give more information on the Spawn Pvp Event and will allow you to meet me and get cool items :) Date: Sunday 21st February Australian day Time: 2pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (I will say for...
  20. Windows_Dog

    New disguises

    An interesting suggestion! We will look onto to it in the future!
  21. Windows_Dog

    Transition Plan

    I can help you with this :)
  22. Windows_Dog

    Spawn Event!

    Hello gals and girls, As you may know I am a new mod to the server and I would like to say that I will be having a Spawn PVP Event for my welcome to the community. So around spawn you will see chests, I will make a future post about when and where will the chests be, but around spawn, the chests...
  23. Windows_Dog

    This is for the use of Slack

    Unfortunately I don't have access to slack due to you need to invite me; Can you invite me under this email: [email protected] That will be appreciated, Thanks,
  24. Windows_Dog

    Anime lovers?

    What? Uh I don't know?
  25. Windows_Dog

    video game minigames

    A long time we had survival games. I do wonder what happened!
  26. Windows_Dog

    2016! Happy New Year!

    Hello all! I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and have wonderful holidays. Currently in Australia, it is 2016 and I am sure it will be 2016 in other countries, as this thread goes up. Now to business.... I am currently going to make a New Year #2k16 scavenger hunt. Later on the month, I...
  27. Windows_Dog

    New Rank idea

    O-o, It is a very unique to the server. Unfortunately the staff and minecraftly is working on the Cloud server and its "Things." Overall it is a good suggestion and would probably be on in the near future. Keep up the good suggestions and Game On! Regards, EnchantedDog
  28. Windows_Dog

    PvP Gods tournament

    Such a Shame!
  29. Windows_Dog

    I lost my rank

    Just post a thread, in the link I've sent.
  30. Windows_Dog

    I lost my rank

    Delete one thread and post one here,
  31. Windows_Dog

    1 Year

    Hello Guys and Gals, As you will be confused with the title, this is to indicate in 3 days or 24th of December is 1 year after I have joined the Minecraftly Community. This is exciting for me and I hope I can share my joy and excitement with all you guys. I know I have became an expert with the...
  32. Windows_Dog

    Staff Apps

    Hm..., To answer that question is to apply for staff :) Pretty much is that if the community needs "more" staff, all you are asking for is numerous amount of applications. Regarding it, I don't see any problem with the number of staff right now, I am happy and I am pretty sure minecraftly is as...
  33. Windows_Dog

    Minecraftly Season 2 Help!

    Hi Minecraftly, I have brought you here because I was wondering about Minecraftly 2nd Season and my trip to the nether. I know this sounds crazy and I am pretty sure you are going to say "no" but I was wondering of having a private area or I can skype you for ranks using ingame money and when I...
  34. Windows_Dog

    Added Resource Manager

    I already uploaded something here! Read in the resources area to find out what?!
  35. Windows_Dog

    My Server Spawn

    Ok.... I have not made a server but I think you need to change the gamemode on the java control!
  36. Windows_Dog

    "Media" section added

    I like this function, it is like having a internal back pack to store items in!
  37. Windows_Dog


    Hello my new Victims........ I am OrangeFoot and I am giving out 10 Riddles out every week. Reply in the bottom with the answer to each riddle. Example, IGN: Notch Q: What comes down but never goes up? Answer: Rain! Let this begin! 1. Q: I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What...
  38. Windows_Dog

    Halloween Awesomeness

    I like Halloween, Do you?
  39. Windows_Dog

    What are you being?!

  40. Windows_Dog

    What are you being?!

    I will be Michael Myers, Foot Edition
  41. Windows_Dog

    Friend Hug!

    Friend Hug YAY
  42. Windows_Dog

    Minecraftly Season 2 is Rolling!

    Newest Minecraftly Videos are by me!
  43. Windows_Dog

    Minecraftly Season 2 is Rolling!

    Minecraftly: The Survival Begins, is up and it is better than last season, I am joined with one of the old members of Minecraftly Community. So I like to say well done to Alexis for helping me with the Second Season. The First Episode is up; In Advance, I will like to say sorry to any Curse...
  44. Windows_Dog

    Minecraftly Season 2

    I am just posting to get the notifications here!
  45. Windows_Dog

    Youtube Rank!

    Well i posted 12 episode of minecraftly and yet have 4
  46. Windows_Dog

    Youtube Rank!

    Channel is unknowngamingz, i am famous in the community of minecraftly.
  47. Windows_Dog

    Youtube Rank!

    I am a youtuber
  48. Windows_Dog


    Guys, have sufficient evidence to prove this report,
  49. Windows_Dog

    collin5505 to the staff

    Um.. As I said in the other post, Please minimize the Requests you Put out, But Good Luck with the form. :)
  50. Windows_Dog

    Shop Plugin

    Thanks for your opinion, i will discuss it with the others
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