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    Old Server?

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    Old Server?

    Yas thx so much for having this option. #SaveTheServer
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    Announcement about the old server

    WHAT THE HECK. NO, NO ONE PLAYS CLOUD ANYMORE ITS PURE BOR TO THE RING. MC.M.LY IS WAY FUN THEN THIS I DONT KNOW WHAT IM SUPPOSE TO DO AFTER THIS? QUIT MINECRAFT?? Ur server was the best server I could have on my server list and now ur letting everyone down. And to everyone who paid for ranks...
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    Why I Should Be Moderator.

    Hello, I'm Iffah. I've been on Minecraftly's server for more than a year and I have realized that 1 to 2 mods ever get on. I know that if I get moderator I will be active and available to members at least 6 hours a day. You should add me as a moderator because 1. Your server is short on...
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    Twistnet831 is a player in game who changed her name to cerealkiller04. She had her rank, Meow, Disappear suddenly. There is a player in game name cerealkiller03 and she has troll and now twisty (cerealkiller04) has troll. Is it a glich?
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    Can you trade ranks?

    Thank you :) And how long will it stay?
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    Can you trade ranks?

    @minecraftly, I want to trade in my meep rank for a period of time as a Meow Or Unlimited. Is there anyway its possible?
  8. I Isn't letting people join!

    You're Absoutely Welcomed!
  9. I Isn't letting people join!

    Minecraftly, isn't letting me or my friends join! Please help its my favorate server and I can't live without it. Now Heres the deal I think its lagging out Many people. The server is slow because of people not being able to join
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    Youtube Rank!

    I am a ...Ytber Well..31 subs lol my channel is Iffah_Loves_MC Problem is my voice is pitchy and stupid but 15+ subs is rly cool hope u add it to the server <3
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    Hi Everyone

    My name is Iffah k. And ever since i found out about minecraftlys server i was deeply in love with it I love what he does to make our minecraft experience the Best!!! -Iffah K.
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