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    Transition Plan

    @DeliriousYeti @minecraftly I think it would be a cool idea to make a youtube channel where it has videos on how to do certain things on the server like on the cloud server, and on the hybrid server. Simple videos like how to claim land, simple commands, how to donate etc. Thoughts?
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    Spawn &

    Thanks minecraftly :3
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    Spawn &

    Hey, Over the past few days I've been seeing players building in spawn, that aren't staff. I was wondering if we could limit the spawn building permission to just staff only. Also would it be possible to get a plugin or auto advertise it on the server? I have been working really hard...
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    Camp Fire

    Hello, Here are some camp fire moments :)
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    Ok I see your understanding. Thanks for reading, Aciri
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    Hey, I've been thinking about some stuff and how to improve the server. I saw a few weeks back that you have added a voice tab on the forums, which is discord. I do not believe the players are not familiar with Discord and how to use it and how it works. From what I've seen through the years...
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    Polls: Do you want more ranks?

    Or maybe having the ranks as memes? I.E One rank is Kappa and another is Grumpy Cat.. etc.. ?
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    Hello, I'm Aciri, or Devin outside of game. I'm a 16 year old Sophomore in High School. Currently I'm trying to learn Java and C++. At my High School I'm in the technology club, which basically means that we talk about, or do anything with technology. Next year our whole school will be getting...
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    Staff Application - Aciri

    Name - Aciri Age - 16 About me - I completely understand the rules of the server and being enforced throughout the community. I abide by every single rule given, knowing that being a staff member would not allow me to bypass any rules that are set by the higher staff members. Even as a normal...
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